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Photoshop Elements 11: Tool Tip

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 6, 2012

The Toolbar in Elements 11 has been redesigned – here’s a shortcut for selecting the sub-tools for each

The additional tools are kept inside the Tool Options at the base of the screen.

To quickly cycle through them instead of going to this is to hold Opt/Alt key and clicking over the tool’s icon.

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Photoshop Elements 11 Tools

  • sean nicholes

    Personally the changes to the ui are a kick in the teeth to painters. Now i have to constantly open the tool options to see what opacity im at, and what brush im using, otherwise leaving the HUGE menu open eats my workspace. The fact i can no longer move the toolbar or collapse into the smaller version is ridiculous. The only thing i use on it is the foreground/bg color, which for some reason has never been separate-able, even in cs editions. I prefer my palettes on the right as im right handed and so now i have to move all the way across the tablet to make simple clicks, which i shouldn’t have to even click: what jerk considers shortcuts to be a luxury item? Then adobe never fixes major glitches: In elements 9, which i use now, the lasso tool is broken, ALL the blending modes for brushes dont work, and if you touch the color picker too long it stops responding. I’ve always used PS, but im considering painter now. Adobe really dropped the ball here.