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PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 12: Improve images with Camera Raw

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Blog, by Mark White
November 3, 2013

Check out the new Camera Raw editor in Photoshop Elements 12 for making photos pop!

Adobe has now introduced the Camera Raw editing features into Photoshop Elements 12, so we can edit images with more precision.

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How to improve images using the new Camera Raw in Photoshop Elements 12


Open Photoshop Elements 12 and enter the Expert interface from along the top. No image needs to be opened at this stage. Go to File>Open in Camera Raw and locate your image from your PC to work on.


Once loaded, your image should appear inside the Camara Raw interface. Camera Raw has a range of tools along the top, and three editing panels down the right. These include Basic, Detail and Camera Calibration.


Inside the Basic panel of adjustments, boost the Exposure slider to +.0.35 lighten the image. Lower the Shadows slider and increase the Highlights slider to +/- 70 to make clouds more dramatic.


Camera Raw in Elements 12

Increase Clarity to +40 and Vibrance to +20, or until colours start to look more vivid in your own landscape. Click on the Detail tab and increase Sharpen Amount to around 80, Radius to 1.4 and Detail to 37 to see a crisper image. Set Luminance under Noise Reduction to 8. Click Open Image when you’re done with the edits to go back to Elements 12.


  • Berti_Wooster

    I’ve just installed the trial version of Photoshop Elements 12 and everybody is talking about how you can now open Tiff files inside Camera Raw but I want to know how you open them normally, because no matter what I try they always open in Camera Raw…

    I have selected Photoshop Elements 12 as the default editor but Camera Raw still pops up every time and it’s driving me nuts. Surely this shouldn’t be happening if I’m just using the standard Open menu command.