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Photoshop Elements 12 tutorial: New Puzzle Effect

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 26, 2013

We look at the new Puzzle Effect in the latest Photoshop Elements 12

There are now 29 different Guided effects in the latest version of Adobe’s entry-level editor, Elements 12.

The new ones are Puzzle Effect, Restore Old Photos and Zoom Burst. Puzzle Effect looks a bit like this…

Puzzle Effect

The Puzzle Effect option is located under the Guided interface, positioned inside the Photo Play category.

Once inside Puzzle Effect, the list of options is placed in a certain order to help make a realistic puzzle, starting with the size of the pieces you need: Small, Medium, or Large.

Once you’ve selected a size, Photoshop Elements 12 instantly creates a puzzle pattern over your image, which looks like this…

But it doesn’t stop with the above. By clicking on the Select Puzzle Piece button, you can click on any piece to form the marching ants.

Once a piece is selected, all you need to is hit Extract Piece from the panel of options and Elements will remove that piece from the design. We can reposition it and rotate the piece using the four corner points.

Clicking back on the Select Puzzle Piece button will allow you to continue this process of selecting and extracting until the entire image is complete.

The Eraser Tool button lets you remove any of the thin lines left underneath when more than one piece is extracted.

  • Aaron Lewis

    Can we get these as real puZzles