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PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 12: New Pet Eye tool in Quick mode

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Blog, by Mark White
November 2, 2013

Photoshop Elements 12 may not fit inside the stocking, but could make for a very generous Christmas pressie!

Spoil someone special this Christmas with the Photoshop Elements 12 and Premier Elements 12 software bundle.

The bundle retails at £117.22, or if it’s just Photoshop Elements you were after then individual pricing is £78.15.

Photoshop Elements 12

The new Pet Eye tool in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements 12’s Quick mode now has the Pet Eye tool, alongside the Red Eye Removal tool.

Performing a similar function as the Red Eye tool, Pet Eye looks to sort out the white glare or reflections that sometimes appear in photos of dogs and cats, for example.


Start by heading to the Quick interface from the top of Photoshop Elements 12. Select the Red Eye Removal tool from the Toolbar down the left, or simply press Y to jump straight to it.


In the Tool Options along the bottom, tick the box that reads ‘Pet Eye’. Start by setting the Pupil Radius to 100% and Darken to 50%.


Pet Eye tool in Elements 12

Make sure you zoom up close the eyes of your pet photo (press Cmd/Ctrl and + repeatedly). Hold Spacebar to pan across the image to centralise the eyes.


The tool works by clicking once over the white area in the eyes. A dark patch will be added to fade the white area. It’s a matter of finding the right Darken amount to match the black parts of the eye. We had to reduce the Darken slider to 44% for best results.