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Photoshop Tip: How to add crackle and ageing effects to an image

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team
January 24, 2012

This Photoshop tip shows how to make an image look like an old painting by adding a crackle glaze effect

Photoshop’s improved brush engine means it’s easier than ever before to make digital art that looks as though it has been created with real media.

If you enjoy creating this type of image, try this tip for making your own crackle glaze.

Head to image*after and search for dry mud. You want something that is bone dry, with lots of cracks. Download the image and then open up your painting in Photoshop.

Go to File>Open to access your mud image and then go to Select>All and Edit>Copy. Click back on your painting image and go to Edit>Paste. Use the Transform tools to pull the mud image over your painting.

When in position, use the Multiply blend mode and reduce the layer Opacity to make the cracks fade into your painting.

crackle glaze

Create a crackle glaze effect using a photo of mud