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Photoshop Tip: How to rearrange your workspace

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
February 28, 2012

Customise Photoshop’s workspace to edit more efficiently with palettes and tools

Use the Workspace option under the Window menu to view various arrangements for your palettes. These include such sets as Automation, Color and Tone, Painting and even What’s New.

This allows you to jump to certain layouts to benefit the type of image you’re working on.

Edit Photoshop's workspaces

The options for flicking through the different Workspaces are also in the top right of Photoshop. This is an instant way to open up work-specific palette groups.

As well as being able to save your own workspaces, Photoshop provides many additional preset spaces to flick between.

Getting used to using these on a regular basis saves having to open and close palettes constantly through the Window menu.


  • Its more useful if added videos