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Photoshop Tip: How to use Smart Filters

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
February 20, 2012

This Photoshop tip shows how to edit filters at a later stage using Convert to Smart Filters

Most filters are applied to a single layer, or sometimes to a duplicate, but they cannot be re-edited without starting over… or can they?

Use the Convert for Smart Filters command in the Filter menu (CS3 and onwards), and now any effect applied will be added as a kind of editable layer style.

By double-clicking on the bottom part of the layer (containing the name of the filter) you can re-edit the filter.

Filters can be stacked up too for a multi-layered effect. Once your image is converted to a Smart Filter, new filters added are contained inside this Smart layer.

You also have a handy mask attached to the Smart Filter to remove parts of the effect from your image.

Accessing the smart filters

Photoshop Smart Filters