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Photoshop Tip: Printing from Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 14, 2012

It’s not always easy to print exactly what you see on screen on to paper. Here are a few pre-flight checks to make before hitting ‘Print’

Paper quality

It’s always best to use photo-quality paper up to 300gsm for best results. The ‘heavier’ it is the more ink it can potentially hold. Glossy papers are ideal for colour-rich photos, whereas matte papers look better behind a frame and best reserved for black and white photos.

Image size

Check image dimensions via Image>Image Size. Set Resolution to 300dpi, and make sure Resample Image is unchecked, so you know its true printable size.


paper profiles in Photoshop

Papers have profiles, which should come with all printers and will appear in Photoshop after installing the printer’s driver. Profiles tell Photoshop just how to setup the inks ready for printing.

For a preview of the printed image, go to View>Proof Setup>Custom and under Device to Simulate choose the exact, or nearest match, to the paper type you’re using.

Set Rendering Intent to Relative Colorimetric for brightest colour contrast. This is probably your best bet for most types of images.

Tick Simulate Paper Color and Black Point Compensation to see more closely how the image is going to appear on paper. Hit OK in the Customize Proof Condition dialog box.

Bear in mind that this is only a ‘proof’ or preview of the printed image on that paper type. View>Proof Colors (Cmd/Ctrl+Y) will turn these preview settings on or off.

Print menu

Photoshop printing

Once in the Print menu (File>Print), set Color Handling to ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’, because we already know that Photoshop has the profile we want to use.

Double check that the Printer Profile option is set to the paper you’re using. Under Print Settings, choose borderless if your printer can do this, and make sure no other colour management is taking place. Hit Print to see the results!


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