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Photoshop Tip: Quickly select and duplicate layers

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 11, 2012

A way of duplicating layers when working on a busy composition in Photoshop

To duplicate a layer in a busy composition hold Opt/Alt, click over part of your image using the Move tool, and then drag it across the canvas.

Make sure the Move tool is set to Auto-Select: Layers in the Options bar first.

You can of course go to the layer inside the palette and press Cmd/Ctrl+J, but it can sometimes take more time finding the layer and can be guesswork.

  • haeruddin

    wow ! nice tips,thanks thanks i will try then

  • Someone has referred me to your website.
    your Site is really good. and its enriched with the great art. but the peoples like me who’s going through the stage of learning can’t find anything here. because here i can just see your art but can’t learn it. you didn’t leave your foot steps to follow. so how could we learn it. ?
    No video tutorial
    No Photo Demo
    No visual steps or Screen shots.
    No Stock Images.
    No tools indications or the values.
    and many things like that.

  • Simon Skellon

    Hi IsmyAlak,
    Thanks for looking us up. The Photoshop Creative blog is in addition to our magazine. Inside the magazine is a Photoshop For Beginners section which sounds like what you need, as well as all the other tutorials and Photoshop guides (and everything you’ve listed in your comment). You’ll be able to learn much more about Photoshop in the magazine, which comes with a disc that contains lots of extras such as stock photos and video tutorials. However if you’re just after the beginner tutorials then a digital version is available through the website
    All the best,