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Photoshop Tips: Make chrome shine using the Dodge tool

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 21, 2013

In Photoshop, here’s a real easy way to make chrome and metallic items in your images look more…. bling!



On images which have shiny metallic objects, such as a car, select the Dodge tool from the Toolbar.

In the Options bar at the top, set to the tool to Midtones, Opacity 50%, and tick Protect Tones.

Be sure to have a soft brush selected, just big enough to cover the area being edited.

Press Cmd/Ctrl+J to create a duplicate of the Background layer.

Brush over the chrome objects in your image to see a remarkable difference. Adapt the size of the brush as your move around using the square bracket keys.

You can also set the Dodge tool to Highlights in the Options bar and go over the areas once more to further enhance the metallic appearance of those objects.

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  • Cahil Henry-Leyte

    I’ll give it a try hey