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Photoshop tips: Master cutout effects

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team
April 12, 2014

We look at some of the core techniques that went into the making of this creative image – full tutorial coming soon!

Ray beams

We created six ray beams that emanate from the core of our model. These were created using the Pen tool. We then merged all the layers together so they were a single object. They were filled with a dark red.

Blend the beams

So as not to stand out too much and interfere with the focal point of the image, we applied an Overlay blending mode to the beam layer, so it interacts in a believable way with the gradient layer.

Cherry on top

We applied a Color Burn blending mode to our Clouds layer with 75% Opacity. We are now happy with the mood and tone of the piece, as it looks like two halves of a whole as oppose to a model slapped on to a stock background.