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Photoshop Tutorial: Four practical tips for painting eyes

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 13, 2013

A quick tutorial on how to paint eyes in a portrait, using simple techniques and Photoshop’s tools


Eyeballs are round, so to convey that in our painting, we’ll colour it in with a greyish pink and add darker shading in the corners. Next, shape the lower eyelid with a pink flesh tone along the inner edge and also for the corner tissue.

Iris shape

Draw in the irises by dotting with a large brush at 100% Opacity. Paint in darker edges inside the iris, and then soften them a bit with the Blur tool (R). If the eyes are receiving quite a bit of light, make the pupils small with the Foreground colour set almost to black.


We’re going to give her some smoky make-up, so go around the upper and lower lids lightly with a charcoal colour. The light source is in front, so add in a white-lavender speck for the reflection towards the centre of the iris, and some small reflections in the tissue.

Finishing details

With a very small brush, paint some radiating lines and dots in the iris with various colours. For the lashes, start at the lid and work outwards, but remember lashes are curved so convey that curvature with flowing brushstrokes for a natural look.

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