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Photoshop Tutorial: Neon text effect, part 2

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 1, 2013

We continue our Photoshop neon lighting effects tutorial

Download all you need for this tutorial here

Follow Part 1 of this tutorial



First reset the Foreground colour to white by pressing D followed by X on your keyboard. Now install the neon font. Select the Vertical Type tool and Ctrl/right-click your canvas on top of sign 1 and type “Happy”, resizing it if needed.


The neon colour and glow will be made using layer styles. First make sure you’re on your text Layer, then go to Layer>Layer Styles>Drop Shadow. Set the blending mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%, and then set Distance to 12, Spread to 13 and Size to 29. Finally set the colour to #fb0041.


Next we add an Outer Glow layer style, this time leave the default settings but set the colour to #fb0041. Add an Inner Glow layer style, set the blending mode to Normal and the colour to #0006fb (blue).


We now want to add a new word to our picture, so select the Horizontal Type tool and this time write “Birthday”. Position it and resize it to fit the top sign you made earlier.


As we already created the layer style we wanted, we can simply copy and paste it onto the new type Layer. In the palette locate the “Happy” layer, then go to Layer>Layer Style>Copy Layer Style. Select our newly created birthday layer and then paste the style by going to Layer>Layer Style>Paste Layer Style.


We can now change the colours of the neon text for the birthday layer. First go to Layer>Layer Style>Drop Shadow and alter the colour to #24afo8. Do the same for the Outer Glow style. We leave the Inner Glow as blue for the neon tube effect.


We add a final type layer under birthday – this time with someone’s name, for example Charlotte. Now, copy and paste the layer styles as before, changing the colour to #2a1fd9.


Select the Pen tool and set the option to Paths. Open the Paths menu by going to Window>Paths, we then want to trace the long edges of the signs with the Pen tool. To finish a path hold Ctrl/Cmd and click anywhere on the document.


We will use these paths to make more neon tubes for our signs, but first we have to set up our brush. Select the Brush tool and change the settings so the size is 10px and the Hardness is 100%. If you added a texture in step 5 remove it from the brush.


Make a new layer called Tubes and, when all the paths are complete, Ctrl/right-click on the thumbnail in the Paths window and select Stroke Path. Make sure the Brush tool is selected and Simulate Pressure is not ticked. We then paste the layer style onto the Tubes layer, setting the colour to #2a1fd9.


Finally we add a new layer called Glows at the top of our stack. Sample the colour for one of the glows using the Eyedropper tool and paint over the corresponding sign in that colour. Change the blending mode to Screen and if the edge of the colour is sharp, soften it using the Blur tool or Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.

Original stock resources: (, (, (, (signs.csh)