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Are there any tricks for creating eye-catching compositions?

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Q&A, by Mark White
August 27, 2015

Thursday’s Q&A day!


There are certainly ways to ensure that your composition is as exciting and different as it can be. The most striking pictures combine two things that aren’t usually seen in the same place. Subverting the expectations of reality is something that isn’t new to art, but the power of Photoshop means that you can make things even more real than ever before.

Take this cat looking at its reflection for example. It catches your eyes because the image is unusual and intriguing. The original tiger was cloned out of the picture and the cat was pasted in, using masking and the Dodge and Burn tools, to help ensure that it blended into its surroundings.

You can use almost any two pictures that look bizarre together, and you’re bound to create something that catches the eye. This picture might seem to have an inspirational message, but you can evoke satire or even just silliness by bending reality in Photoshop.

  • Dery

    awesome photo, if you want learn edit photo you can build with Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Jan

    Does PS CS6 have Content Aware or is that only available in CC?

    (Sorry for posting this in the wrong place but I couldn’t find anywhere else to ask.) 🙁

  • Tracey Ann Luscombe Styles

    hi i am wandering if you could tell me or had a tutorial for your reflection of a cat and tiger please,have looked everywhere and no luck,thankyou