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How can I add fiery effects to my portraits?

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Q&A, by Mark White
May 4, 2017

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Fire can really brighten up ordinary portraits, and they’re easy to apply in Elements. All you need is a portrait image; cut this out with the Quick Selection and place on a background.

Add a fire stock image to the project and set to Screen. Place it behind the subject and use Levels (Cmd/Ctrl+L) to make the fire more vibrant. Duplicate this layer and place it in front of the subject too; mask out some of the fire from her face, and with another duplicate of your fire layer, mask in some of the fire around her hair.

Above your subject layer, click the Fill Layer option and choose Gradient Map. Choose a fiery set of colours by Alt/Opt-clicking the shades in your project. Mask where you want your fiery shades to be over the subject. Finally, merge all to a new layer (Cmd/Ctrl+Alt/Opt+Shi􏰀+E), and go to Filter>Distort>Glass to give a final texture for realism.