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How can I create a city in a bottle?

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Q&A, by Mark White
April 13, 2017

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Placing a city in a bottle is an easy, yet exciting project that can really bring out your creative side.

Start off by opening a bottle image, selecting the middle bottle and using Filter>Distort>Liquify to reshape it; isolate it, delete the white background around it using the Magic Wand, and then duplicate twice. Use a so􏰀 black brush to mask out the centre of the first layer, set the second layer to Screen, 32% Opacity and the third layer to Multiply, 50% Opacity.

Add in a sunset and a city below the bottle layers; mask out the sky of your city image and blend the sunset into the picture. Then add a wave and mask out the white, before masking all of these layers to keep them within the bottle shape. Add so􏰀 yellow with a brush and create the shadow to complete.