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How can I create a composition of a highway leading into the clouds?

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Q&A, by Mark White
October 15, 2015

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First create the road by using the Rectangle tool (U) to make a tall black rectangle. Switch to white for your Foreground colour and make a highway road line. Select the Move tool (V), hold Opt/ Alt+Shift, then click and drag to duplicate the line enough times to fill the length of the road. Select all the road lines, then go to Layer>Align Layers to Selection>Vertical Centers button to make them perfectly straight with one another. Cmd/Ctrl-click the road layer and hit Cmd/Ctrl+E to merge (if using Photoshop CS6 with vector layers, Ctrl/right-click on a selected layer and choose Convert to Smart Object instead).

To finish, hit Cmd/Ctrl+T for Free Transform, Ctrl/right-click and choose Distort, then play with the handles to get the right perspective. Apply a layer mask, paint black in selected areas to fade it out at the top, then add a backdrop and blend in clouds on a landscape image. This should start you off nicely.