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How can I get creative with the Custom Shape tool in Elements?

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Q&A, by Mark White
May 21, 2015

It’s Thursday, it’s Q&A day!

The Custom Shape tool is a great tool for experimenting with in Photoshop and Elements – it’s located on the let panel in Elements, and its shortcut is U. Select the tool and options will appear along the bottom enabling you to choose different shapes, change their colour, style, size. There are also some handy options to manipulate the shapes by adding or subtracting them.

To begin an illustration, start with the basic shape, with the basic rectangles and circles as a base. Each shape with be created on a new vector-based layer. To build up details, continue with adding basic shapes and utilise the range of Custom Shapes. To load Shapes, select the first blue shape icon – Custom Shapes – and click the arrow that appears next to the shape preview. To ensure you’re viewing everything, change the drop-down menu at the top to All Elements Shapes.

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