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How can I quickly and effectively select hair in a picture?

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Q&A, by Mark White
July 30, 2015

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Hair is difficult to select, but not impossible.

The first port of call is the Refine Edge tool – it cleanly selects around hair and intelligently recognises a subject from its background. Getting in the habit of using the Refine Edge tool is good, as it trains you into creating the perfect selection, no matter the subject. But it’s by no means the only thing you can do to improve your efficiency.

As well as the Refine Edge, the Eraser is useful for manually touching up a selection. Choosing a soft, small brush and gently touching the edges will only take a couple of minutes, but it can improve your selection hugely. The Magnetic Lasso is also good, as it can fall around the curves of hair, without you manually clicking. Also remember to set a feather when you’re selecting, to give a soft edge around a selection.

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