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How can you reverse the effects of Liquify in Elements?

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Q&A, by Mark White
September 22, 2016

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The Liquify tool (Filter>Distort>Liquify) is one of Photoshop and Elements’ most famous features, and it’s fantastic fun to bend reality with the tool. But there is such a thing as taking the Liquify tool too far, so it’s important to remember how to tone back the effect if need be.

Before you begin using Liquify, duplicate the layer of the object you wish to use the effect on. This means that should parts of your image not look right once you’ve applied the filter, you can mask the original object back in. Within the Liquify tool itself though, use the Reconstruct tool (E) to bring back the original shape of your object, by brushing over wherever you wish to tone back the effect.

Remember to adjust the size of your brush and the pressure of the filter on the right-hand side of Elements. This will enable you to edit with subtlety rather than dragging the pixels of your object all over the screen with the slightest touch.