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How do I make it look like one image is stepping out of another?

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Q&A, by Mark White
December 3, 2015

Create an awesome out of bounds effect with today’s Q&A!


This is a really cool effect and fairly easy to do. When choosing your image, try to pick one where the main element in the image can be easily extracted. Start by duplicating the image so that you have two layers. With the topmost layer selected, use the Quick Selection tool (W) to trace the main element in your image. Next, click Add Layer Mask in the Layers Palette, which will essentially remove the background from your main element. Leave your bottom layer as your background.

Now select the bottom layer (your background) and resize and distort it to give the background the perspective seen in the example above. Try to hide the majority of the original element (in this case, the runner) under the top layer, although you will probably have to use the Clone Stamp (S) tool to remove any bits that cannot be hidden. To finish up, add a white border to your background layer to give it a photographic effect and then add a drop shadow to make it stand out.