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Is there a way to highlight one shade in my pictures?

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Q&A, by Mark White
June 15, 2017

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Colour is extremely important in any photo, whether there’s lots of it or none of it. The Hue/ Saturation adjustment – which can be found when you click on the Fill Layer icon – is a feature that can help you to control the colours in your image with no hassle at all.

While the Master option can help you to brighten or saturate the image as a whole, use the Channel drop-down menu to find the individual shades
that can be tweaked. Pick a group of colours and use the sliders to alter them; you can use the eyedroppers below and the spectrum at the bottom of the adjustment with the stoppers to alter the selection of colours that you have.

This is how you can make one particular shade brighter and bolder than the rest. It’s subtler than an isolated colour effect and useful for highlighting certain hues.

  • Kimheath53

    This is my first day with photoshopp. I want to do this on a picture I have of my granddaughter standing by the Christmas tree. I want to highlight some of the ornaments. How can I get more info on this? I’m not