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What kind of objects can be created using filters?

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Q&A, by Mark White
March 12, 2015

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s question time…

There are many different types of objects that can be made using filters. For this fish bowl, create a square document, fill it with solid black, and then go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare. Choose the Lens Type 50-300mm and Brightness 100% and click  OK. To create a bowl shape, head to Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates. Check Polar to Rectangular and go to Image>Rotate>Flip Vertical. Apply the Polar Coordinates filter again, but now choose Rectangular to Polar.

Use the Magic Wand and click to remove the background. Change the blend mode to Screen. Now press Cmd/Ctrl+T to resize and hit Cmd/Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer. With the Elliptical Marquee tool, select a tiny part with the edges on the top and hit Delete. Press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+I to invert and with the Eraser tool, rub out around the selection in both layers. Use the Gradient tool to add a background.

Create a new layer underneath the fish bowl and add  a gradient of your choice. Apply Inner Glow and Bevel styles to add effects around the image. Select the fish bowl, now click on the goldfish layer and add a layer mask. Click Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N, change mode to Overlay and fill with 50% grey. Now grab the Burn and Dodge tools to add shadows and highlights around the bowl to finish.