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What’s the best way to create a floating island?

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Q&A, by Mark White
June 29, 2017

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A fantasy flying island is the kind of image that kick-starts the imagination. They’re built entirely from stock images and really challenge your ability to blend disparate elements into one surreal scene.

To begin a flying island, start off with a stock image of a rock and rotate vertically, before cutting it out. Use the supplied images of the cliff edge, duplicate and mask, before placing on the edge of the rock, to make the rock look as though it is linked to the top of the cliff. Then, grab the stock image of the grass with the trees on top, go to Filter>Distort>Liquify and bend it into a steeper hill, before cutting out and again masking into the image.

With the base of your island complete, you’re now free to play around with whatever you’d like to place on top of the island. We’ve supplied stock images of snowy grass, a lake and some penguins to create a thawing winter scene. Mask each of your layers and use so􏰀 brushes to cut the images out and blend them easily into the scene. Use adjustments and brushes to unify everything.