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What’s the easiest way to add a nebula to a photo?

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Q&A, by Mark White
February 23, 2017

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Though it’s rare to actually see them in the sky, nebulas are an extremely popular way to brighten up night-time shots with colour and sparkle.

While you can build them from scratch with brushes that are available to download online, the easiest way to build them is to layer real pictures of nebulas over your existing photos; the best thing about this is that there’s little blending to be done if you set the layers to Screen, as the darker shades from the nebulas are cancelled out, leaving the light and colour.

As well as adding real nebulas set to Screen, try setting them to Overlay, as well as adding Color layers with bright hues. For more clouds, set black in white in your swatches, go to Filter>Render>Clouds, set to Screen and mask in with so? brushes. Turn these cloud layers down to 30 per cent and repeat to layer up the effect.