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What’s the easiest way to create a vignette in Elements?

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Q&A, by Mark White
September 29, 2016

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There are lots of ways to create borders or edges to your pictures in Elements, but not only is a vignette one of the most stylish photographic techniques to add to your shots, it also shi?s your focus to the centre of a photo subtly.

To create one in Elements, head to the Guided tab at the top of the program. The last option on the Basic edits, Vignette consists just of a slider and two options. Start by selecting a colour to your vignette – either black or white – and then use the Intensity slider to either increase or decrease how thick it is.

You can use the Refine Shape option to improve the feathering or reduce the opacity of the Vignette too. Head to the Expert section of Elements to make further edits a?er you’ve completed the Guided section.

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