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Sharpen your images in Photoshop Elements

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
March 24, 2015

Get the most out of your images with our quick sharpening guide

1. Duplicate the layer

Open your photo and duplicate the layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer) to preserve the original. Change the blend mode to Luminosity to prevent colour shifts when sharpening.

2. Adjust the sharpness

There are lots of sharpening options but to have a measure of control over the results, go to Enhance>Adjust Sharpness. This brings up a dialog box with options that you can alter to suit your image.

3. Blur option

Pick your blur type from the Remove menu. Use Lens Blur for this image, as this enhances the edges and detail with less chance of halos appearing. Motion Blur is good for camera shake or moving subjects.

4. Alter the settings

Amount sets the level of sharpening. Slide this to 180% and set Radius to 4 pixels. This affects the edges of the objects; a high Radius leads to more noticeable sharpening, which is not always a good thing.