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The Brush Tool: 6 handy tips for Photoshop and Elements

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
November 11, 2014

Add brushstrokes to your artworks with this handy tool – in Photoshop or Elements!

For Photoshop…

1. The Brush tool

Photoshop is similar to Elements in terms of where the Brush tool is located and the Options bar. The Brush tool can be chosen from the main Toolbar, with settings along the top of the interface.

2. The Brush Presets

Photoshop has two dedicated palettes for brushes. The first is Brush Presets, which shows all of your available tips to select and use (in versions CS2 and below these presets are within one Brushes palette).

3. The Brush palette

The Brush palette is where you can alter and customise the look of brushes to suit your needs. We can’t go into all the options here, but have a play with the sliders and see how they affect your strokes.

For Elements…

1. Select the Brush tool

The Brush tool is found in Photoshop Elements in the main Toolbar. Choosing this will open up the brush options, which are shown at the top of the interface in the Options bar ready for you to tweak.

2. Choose a brush

The first palette in the Options bar shows you all of your available brushes. These are a mixture of Assorted Brushes by default, but you can choose different categories of brushes from the drop-down menu to suit your needs.

3. Size matters

You can alter the size of your brush easily by clicking the Size option and then dragging the slider. There are other options up here too, such as the blending mode of the brushstrokes and settings if you are using a graphics tablet.

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