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Tool Tip: Guided Edits in Elements

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
February 5, 2013

Use Photoshop Elements 11 Tilt-Shift Guided Edit to add impact to close up compositions

Tilt-Shift effect in Elements 11

Original artwork by Daniel Sinoca

In Photoshop Elements 11, the Tilt-Shift effect is a Guided Edit, which will help add impact to compositions and photos.

Tilt-Shift is blurring applied above and below the main subjects, creating a very shallow depth of field.

You can return back to Expert mode to customise the layer mask after applying the effect to bring through parts of the background.

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  • This is a unique tips.Which is helpful for Designer.Thanks sharing.

  • Lorraine

    To follow this it is assumed you know a lot? I fell at the first hurdle as could not get the simplify layer to work. I could not find how to do it. clearer instructions would be appreciated.

    If anyone can help then I am happy to try again?


  • Simon Skellon

    Hi Lorraine – Thanks for reading Photoshop Creative. This tutorial was demonstrated in PS Elements. There’s no Simplify Layer command in PS CS6, it’s called Rasterize Layer instead.

    Two options for step 1:
    Go to File>Open, choose bg.jpg, and then continue to step 2.

    Or, go to File>New, choose A4 size, and then use File>Place to set bg.jpg into the canvas. From there, right-click on its layer in the Layers palette and select ‘Rasterize Layer’. Continue to step 2.

    Hope this helps, let me know

  • Lorraine

    Great Simon, I was looking at lots of stuff last night and had an idea it was Rastersize Layer! I appreciate it that you took the time to answer my query. Back on the laptop for a few hours is now called for:) Great exercise to follow other than that one point for a beginner.