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Top 5 features in Photoshop CS6

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 9, 2013

A look at the best features introduced in Photoshop CS6…

Select skin tones

The Color Range option in the Select menu can make accurate selections of skin tones. In its menu, choose Skin Tones under the Select list then tick the Detect Faces box for more accuracy. Also set the Fuzziness so only the white areas in the preview are shown on the skin tones and hit OK to turn this into a selection.

Auto Curves

The Curves adjustment is used to boost highlights and shadows in an image. The adjustment is sensitive to the slightest movement and can easily be pushed too far in one direction. Use the Auto command to give you a controlled and accurate boost of exposure. Options in the adjustment enable you to choose just how the Auto effects your image.

Apply blend modes to multiple layers

If you’re working with more than one layer and need to apply blend modes across more than one at a time, this can now be done in CS6 Beta. Whereas before, blend modes had to be applied to layers one by one, but by highlighting a sequence of layers, the blend modes list is still active.


This is a first for Photoshop, and means work is saved on a regular basis. Go to Photoshop/Edit and down to Preferences>File Handling. You can choose how often you want your work to be saved, whether that’s every five minutes, or on the hour.

New Blur filters

Three new blur filters have been introduced into Photoshop CS6 Beta. These include Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift. You can experiment with each to create a layered effect. By clicking over parts of your image, focal points are added, and the level of blurring for each point can be reduced to create layered depth.