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Make cool t-shirt designs with photos

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
March 27, 2015

Check out this cool idea for a t-shirt design

1. Paint splatters

Find a paint splatter brush set online and start cutting away the edges of the image. Add more layers, and use different colours and brushes around your picture.

2. Build layers

Gradually build up the layers of splatter brushes. Use the Custom Shape tool (U) too add simple elements to complement the design. Control the shapes’ opacities and layer position.

3. Blend modes

Set the shapes’ blend modes to Hard Light. Cut out the main picture and copy/paste to a new layer so a white layer can then be added behind.

4. Finish up

To complete the effect, use Levels and Brightness/Contrast to control the impact of each layer. Use the adjustments’ masks to brush areas and create depth.