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Turn day to night in Elements

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 20, 2015

Combine filters and adjustments to transform a daytime image into a moody night scene

1. Gradient map

To get this effect started we need to tint the image blue. Add a Gradient Map adjustment layer from the LAyer>New Adjustment Layer menu. Inside the Gradient Editor, change the colour of the left swatch to #007eff. Make sure the right swatch is white.

2. Photo Filter layer

Reduce the Gradient Map layer to 75% Opacity and set its blend mode to Colour Burn. Add a Photo Filter adjustment layer above the Gradient Map and choose the Cooling Filter (82). Set its Density to 25%.

3. Adapt lighting

Add a Levels adjustment layer (found inside the same menu as the other two adjustments). Inside the Levels adjustment, click on the left number and set it to 30, then set the middle number to 255. This will darken the image and make it look like night.

4. Luminosity blending

Click on the Background layer and then on the Create A New Layer button (the layer should now be between the Background and the Gradient Map layer). Treat this empty layer to a Luminosity blend mode.

5. Cloud cover

Press B for the Brush tool and, holding Opt/Alt, click on a dark region of the image to select a dark blue colour. Lower the Brush tool’s Opacity down to 10% in the tool’s options and paint over the sky to darken the clouds.