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Turn yourself into a superhero! (part 2)

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
March 1, 2015

Part 2 of our super tutorial…

12. Merge the logo layers

Now that you have created a compelling superhero logo, you will need to merge all of the letters and shapes together. Utilising Photoshop’s Stamp Visible command, create a stamp of your composition as a new layer by selecting the topmost layer and pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Opt/Alt+Shift+E.

13. Place your logo

Drag your new merged logo to the original canvas, placing it in a layer just above the coloured shirt layer. Use the Free Transform tool (Cmd/Ctrl+T) to resize the logo so that it fits appropriately over the coloured shirt area.

14. Overlaying the logo

With the merged logo layer selected, set the blend mode to Linear Burn. This will give you a darker, semi-transparant logo over the coloured shirt. You’ll notice the colour a shade of the shirt colour, which we will take care of next.

15. Remove the colour

Create a selection of the merged logo using Select>Load Selection and setting it as a New selection. Highlight the coloured shirt layer below and press Backspace. You will now notice the logo colours overlay on the white shirt.

16. Brighten up

With the logo layer highlighted, use Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast to brighten it up. Relative to the logo’s colours, vary the Brightness and Contrast to make the logo stand out (we set Brightness to 35 and Contrast to 50).

17. Create realistic folds

Open Photoshop’s Puppet Warp feature (Edit>Puppet Warp), setting Density to More Points with an Expansion of 0-2px. You’ll notice a series of transforming lines appear across your logo as a grid which shows the points that you can edit.

18. Make the boundaries

Drop transforming pins by clicking along the grid lines, being sure to encircle any large folds in the shirt. Try to remain a fair distance from each each side of the fold and keep all of the pins quite close together for lots of control.

19. Drop the pins

Using the same technique, drop pins along the fold between the pins just placed. Then, gently transform and bend the logo to march the contours and folds of the shirt. Use your judgement as to how much bend to give and keep a subtle yet realistic fold.

20. Cut out the logo

Use the Polygonal Lasso tool again to trace around the open shirt as you did in the beginning steps. With the logo layer selected, create an Inverse Selection (Select>Inverse). Hit Backspace to remove the parts of the logo outside the shirt’s area.

21. Fill the background

To create a dark background to go behind the subject, add a new layer to the bottom of the stack. Grab the rectangle marquee tool (U) and set it to Shape in the Options bar with a Fill colour of your choice (we used black for contrast). Draw a large rectangle over the canvas to fill the entire space.

22. A nice touch

Add a simple touch to the new background by adding a gradient. Bring up the Layer Style menu and choose the Gradient Overlay option. Set the Opacity to 100% and vary the angle and colours to suit your superhero image, then you’re done!