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Use the Elements Effects Panel

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 13, 2015

Create great images quickly and easily using the automated effects build into Elements 11

1. Add lens flare

Start in the filters section of the FX panel. Use the drop-down above the thumbnails to select Show All. Half the way down, you’ll find an effect called Lens Flare. Double-click on this and the effect will automatically be applied to your image.

2. Old Photo Effect

Now visit the Effects submenu of the FX palette. Once again, use the drop-down above the thumbnails to select Show All. Fourth down in the centre column, you’ll find the Old Photo thumbnail – simply double-click on this to apply this effect to your image again.

3. Change the blend mode

Though the FX panel mostly features completely automated effects, you’ll find that tweaking somehow gives even better results. Head to the Layers panel, change the blend mode to Screen and lower the Opacity of the Old Photo layer to around 40%.

4. Hue/Saturation

There’s a strong possibility that when you apply an effect using the FX panel, you’ll adjust the colour or saturation of the image in an undesirable way. This is an easy fix: sray in the Layers panel and select a Hue/Saturation adjustment from the drop-down.

5. Saturation boost

Dragging the Saturation slider to the right is all that’s required to improve the impact of the colours in the image. Be careful not to overdo adjustments like this though, as they can end up making the image look strange and ruin the effect that you have just created. The key with adjustments like Hue/Saturation is lots of small steps.