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100 killer tricks

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
September 23, 2011

Check out our fantastic feature in issue 79, which looks at 100 of the best Photoshop tips

Issue 79 boasts an unmissable collection of the 100 most useful, timesaving, life-saving Photoshop tips we know. And here’s a taster to whet your appetite:

Working with digital files tends to produce a softness or slight blurring. Capturing the photos digitally already introduces a degree of softness as the light is converted to pixels, and resizing will add blurring to the edges in an image. Even simply enhancing colours can contribute to the loss of crisp outlines. Help bring back those obscured details by sharpening. While the Unsharp Mask is an old favourite, the younger cousin, Smart Sharpen is actually more effective at removing specific types of blurring. Use the Advanced setting to target sharpness by shadows and highlights as well.