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101 photo edits

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
January 13, 2012

Get your photos in tip-top shape with this collection of essential techniques

Being able to quickly improve photos is a valuable skill to have and issue 83’s feature supplies you with loads of options for fixing any photo.

To give you a taster, here’s a look at sorting out white skies in outdoor shots.


Transform a white sky
Sometimes a sky can lose its colour and turn out to be a dull grey or bleached white. To resolve this, make a selection of the area using the Magic Wand tool with Contiguous set in the Options bar. If you have any tree branches in the way, adjust the Tolerance of the tool so that the sky is selected. Add a Gradient Fill layer and set it to a light blue that fades to transparent. Set Scale to 150 and adjust Angle so that the blue starts at the top of the image and fades towards the horizon. You can also go back to change the tone of the blue if it’s not quite right.

  • This is so useful – this happens to lots of my photos. I’m also hoping there’s going to be some tips on great sunrise photos – there’s been a lot recently and as always my photos don’t do them credit.