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6 Default Photoshop brushes you should get to grips with

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General, by Mark White
May 9, 2017

Master digital painting with these brushes

1. Hard mechanical

The first and most essential brush on the list is the Hard Mechanical brush, which is excellent for hard lines of varying width and opacity. This brush can be used to sketch in your scene outlines or for drawing your signature when your piece is complete.

2. Soft mechanical

Just like the first brush, except with Hardness set to 0%. The Soft Mechanical Brush can be used to paint in values and provide soft, gradient-like tones, which include skies, atmosphere, or haze.

3. Dry brush (60px)

This brush gives a foggy effect much like the basic Soft Mechanical, but with greater texture and grain. Paint in Overlay or Hard Light mode to get a vintage, streaky look.

4. Round bristle

The Round Bristle comes close to mimicking a dry acrylic brush, and is great for painting in rough colours to prime your piece. Use it set with a medium Minimum Transfer and Diameter for effective blending.

5. Wet media brushes

The Rough Ink brush has jagged edges with a dual brush texture, making it great for painting rough ground or foliage. Turn off Shape Dynamics, but keep Transfer on for a more textured look.

6. Pencil – thick or thin

This brush is similar to the Hard Mechanical, but has much more width variance, which is great for depicting uneven lines such as cracks in the wall. Paint in Color Dodge mode for a cool lightning effect.

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