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Clone a person!

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
June 2, 2011

Combine multiple photos into one scene for a clone effect

We’re not talking about the Clone tool here, instead we show you how to blend photos in one image and make it look like a person has many clones! It’s often used in films and now you can learn how to do it yourself.

Here’s an excerpt…


What may at first look a little complex and advanced to achieve in Photoshop is in fact very simple once you have taken all the necessary shots in-camera. As a creative technique, there really is no limit to what you can construct, and once you have got to grips with the technique and postproduction process it can easily be re-created and applied to your own clone captures.

We will be taking you through the entire technique, covering the basics on how to shoot your clone images through to constructing the final composition in Photoshop. With practical guidance on working with layers you will discover how to use vector masks and compose images from multiple layers. We will also be going through the finishing touches to adjusting and adding contrast, colour correcting and cloning out so that you can give your final image a professional finish.

This technique is great for energetic and creative portraits of yourself or others and does initially require a camera and tripod. Once you have taken the multiple images, which should all be of the same scene with the subject having moved in each frame, you can open your shots within Photoshop where they will become individual layers ready for editing into your final photograph. Follow along using your own clone captures or those that can be found on the CD to get to grips with this fun and creative technique.

  • Derek Hattersley

    I have a sample of this technique on a local website under my name in our members. From what you have described by way of bringing the pics together in Photoshop and masking etc it is totally unnecessary. The static part of the photograph will remain the same so just delete as close as possible to the figures all additions leaving just one master complete with background.