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Create a blueprint effect

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
July 11, 2011

Create a keepsake for your home by giving it a blueprint makeover! The end result is fantastic and you learn lots of essential skills to boot

Do something different with your home photos by turning them into blueprints. Check out this excerpt from isssue 76 for doing exactly that!

One of the most interesting elements to any construction project are the blueprints, as the plans themselves are a physical representation of hopes and dreams. They are a manifestation of potential and speak to us because they are the means by which we are able to shape the world around us. Blueprints are one of the more visual examples of the way we conquer the chaos and create, build and develop. Allow us to draw up plans and we can accomplish anything.

These drafted plans also contain a fascinating network of technical lines and illustration. They are visually compelling and the stark white marks laid over a blue field have become synonymous with technology, ambition and precision.

This project contains two parts. Turning a photograph into a blueprint and then compositing that blueprint into a scene. On the CD we’ve provided the files you need for both portions. But if you live in a house and own a handful of tools, there’s no reason you can’t create this whole project from scratch on your own. You will need a photo of your house to start with (try to get as straight a shot as you can of the front of the house). Next you will need a shot of a work table with tools strewn about. A blank piece of paper is the final essential element in your composition.

Grab the pictures provided on the disc to get started or use your own, and follow along as we begin to plan out the construction of the house of dreams! This makes a fantastic image for someone’s housewarming gift.