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Create a holiday journal

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
July 11, 2011

Design a digital journal to keep all of your holiday memories alive!

Creating a scrapbook in Photoshop is a lot of fun. Here’s an excerpt from a tutorial in issue 76 that shows how to create a holiday design for your shots.

Simply putting your holiday snaps into photo frames doesn’t always do them justice. If you are looking for an innovative way to display all your favourite moments from a break abroad, one option is to produce a journal page. Photoshop is packed with all of the tools needed to help you be as creative as possible when combining photographs, annotations and extra features to make the page look realistic and fun. This tutorial will not only reveal how to make textured paper to place your favourite images on, it will explain how to create annotations and suggest the most suitable fonts to use.

A traditional journal wouldn’t be complete without pieces of tape to hold the photographs in place and a piece of elastic to bind the pages together. This is easy for Photoshop users to achieve by employing certain blending modes and the Polygonal Lasso tool and a Pattern adjustment layer to achieve texture on the surface of the elastic. To make your scrapbook stand out from the crowd you will also learn how to transform one of your holiday snaps into a sketch that appears to sit on the page by making use of filters and blending modes. Although this tutorial shows you how to create a single page, there’s no need to limit yourself. Let your creativity run wild and you can produce double-page scrapbook projects featuring multiple images, notes and sketches to keep all your favourite memories.