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Editing in Elements 10

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
October 21, 2011

To celebrate the launch of the new version, we take a look at the new editing features and what they offer users

Each version of Elements is packed with impressive features and version 10 is no exception. In issue 80 we take a look at the best editing options and reveal how they can help you improve your images. Here’s a taster of the Out of Bounds effect.

Guided Edits

Open up an image of a person in the Elements Editor. The Out of Bounds effect is found inside the Guided tab under Edit to the left of the interface. All effects are split into styles, and you can locate this one under Photo Play.

Position the frame

Click the Add a Frame button and position and resize the frame over your subject, leaving some of it outside. Consider carefully which part this should be (we chose the little boy’s arm). Hold Ctrl/Cmd to add perspective to the frame by dragging its corners.

Apply the effect

After extending the frame once more for the border, the Quick Selection tool can be used to select the areas that are out of the frame that you want to keep. Hit Create Out of Bounds to apply the effect and then add a drop shadow and gradient if needed.