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Effortless retouching

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
June 2, 2011

Retouching is an essential skill to master. We reveal all the techniques you need to bring any image into line

Issue 75 has a great tutorial on retouching portraits. It offers a one-stop solution for people who want a straightforward way of adding zing to their images.

Here’s an excerpt from the tutorial…


Photoshop can take retouching to different levels, whether you’re just looking to remove a few spots and blemishes, or to give your portrait model a full studio-style makeover.

Step-by-step and the differences aren’t very noticeable, however, after many steps and adjustments later you soon start to see improvements. What we’ve done here is not to remove every wrinkle, spot and blemish, but to simply reduce each one, as to keep the model looking her natural self and still human! Compare the before and after images closely and you’ll see how she has fewer freckles and blemishes, fainter wrinkles, whiter teeth and eyes, and reduced light reflections on her forehead, chin and nose. We’ve also given her lips a boost of colour to draw in the attention.

Start off with a couple of adjustment layers for correcting colour and lighting, and then move on to work with individual areas of the face, starting at the chin and working your way upwards. We take you through using some of Photoshop’s fastest tools for retouching, such as the Spot Healing and Patch tools, so you can get a feel for what’s possible. Without spending an entire day on just one image, the techniques revealed here should allow you to quickly touch-up a few images at once, and still leave time for printing!

Load up the start image from your disc, open up your layers, zoom in, and get ready for some close-quarter brushwork.