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Fake the Lomo look

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
August 31, 2011

Transform your photos into rich images by applying the traditional look of Lomo

The Lomo effect has become something of a classic style to emulate, and Photoshop has proven to be the program of choice for a do-it-yourself digital Lomograph. The original Lomographic camera came out of Austria in the early Nineties after the discovery of the captivating Lomo Kompakt Automat, a Russian film camera of the time. The style of this little shooter sparked the inspiration for the hundreds upon hundreds of photo effects that soon followed.

Through the tutorial in issue 78, we show you how this stylish and distinctive type of photograph can be re-created. We’ve pulled out some of the finest adjustments that Photoshop has to offer, with a few brush techniques thrown in for good measure. The strong and abstract mixture of colours in a Lomo image can be made using a gradient map, and this is really open to artistic interpretation. The number of possible styles is endless, as it’s an expression of creativity rather than an effect that can ever be rendered correctly or with precision.

For inspiration for more effects, look up, the official website that exhibits the creations of Lomographers and puts the multiple cameras and films to use. The combinations vary greatly, with effects including overexposure, blurring, fisheye, distorted hues, grain and a film negative frame. You can really let your hair down on this project, with no boundaries on what’s wrong, right, bad or good.