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Fotolia presents 5th TEN artist Mike Harrison

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General, by Mark White
May 10, 2013

Mike Harrison will reveal his artwork as a free full PSD download for 24 hours on 10th May, as part of Fotolia’s on-going Ten Collection project

Mike Harrison

Fotolia’s TEN Collection Season 2 invites web users to take a trip around the world of digital creation with the greatest international artists from countries where the image bank has a base.

The first 4 works of art in the season were downloaded a staggering 110 000 times and more on their release day!

UK’s Mike Harrison, the May artist, will be unveiling his original artwork, Just A Game. It will be available for free for 24 hours in PSD format, on Friday, May 10th on

Mike Harrison unleashes animal energy for TEN

“It’s really great to be part of the TEN project. For me, out of all the possible artists in this country, to be able to represent the UK is a huge honour. I wanted to do something based on a powerful animal, one that would allow me generate good energy and complexity. Using a bull as my main theme I wanted to create a high energy illustration loosely based on bullfighting, but adding a playful aspect to it by using certain colours and elements.” explains Mike Harrison.

His subversive and colourful composition, mixing digital and traditional arts, clearly illustrates the “sense of energy” – “Put together using Fotolia Stock images and hand drawn elements, I worked without any established order. I was constantly re-arranging everything all the time throughout the process, working out which elements worked best and where, mixing materials and de-structuring layers to obtain a homogeneous and purely graphic composition” – as well as a unique and surprising result.

A self-taught jack-of-all-trades

Based in London, Mike Harrison is a 28-year-old freelance graphic designer and illustrator. This self-taught artist discovered in himself a passion for digital art while attending a university course in new technologies.

The influences of this untypical course can be seen in his eclectic works, mixing modernity and tradition. Whether it be drawing, illustration, typography as well as 3D, photography, animated design and webdesign: Mike Harrison loves trying out new techniques and supports, in order to improve his art skills.

Meet the artist

Two videos, subtitled in 12 languages, were shot in the artist’s work space. The first one, which features his personal world, can be viewed on the TEN Collection Facebook pages from May 6th. The second one, which reveals his creative techniques, will be available on D-Day, March 10th, on YouTube and

Read our exclusive interview with Mike Harrison in our milestone issue 100, available now from all good stores.