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Fotolia presents Soongyu Gwon, the second digital artist of TEN, Season 2

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General, by Mark White
February 7, 2013

TEN Season 2 continues this month with an inspirational work of digital art by Korean artist Soongyu Gwon

A creative director at D.FY Inc. Design Group in Seoul with a passion for art and design, Soongyu Gwon is above everything else, a man searching for the deeper meanings in life. Motivated by personal reflection deeply related to his culture and Korea’s 5,000 year history, he defines himself more as an ‘image maker’ than simply a designer.

The Centaur Fotolia Ten 2

TEN, Season 2 was an opportunity to conceive a work without compromise, nor constraint, and to give free rein to my imagination”, says Soongyu Gwon. His work, entitled Kentauros blends Greek mythology with fantasy, and contains many surprises in its style. According to Soongyu Gwon : “Creativity is not about inventing what doesn’t exist, but about seeing in a new way what already does”. He disrupts the traditional codes surrounding the Centaur myth by replacing the traditionally brutal, half man-half horse creature with a fragile young girl. Set in a desolated fantasy world, a dead tree seems to shelter her from threatening crows… “I found the perfect young girl image on Fotolia. I replaced her legs with those of a foal, rather than those of a horse, to emphasize her fragility. The presence of crows increases tension, and generates fear. The dead tree branches create a protection around the Centaur. The three moons in the sky lend a fantastic atmosphere to the whole. I finished with adjusting the colours tone, and added some blue tone, to make the cold feel.”

Soongyu Gwon’s PSD will be available free of charge for 24 hours from 10am on the 8th of February and includes all layers and effects for you to learn from. His PSD, entitled “Kentauros”, will show you how to embody an idea by including various unrelated photos, through image manipulation, saturation and colour.

Photography is Soongyu’s favourite chosen raw material : “I spend a lot of time choosing an image, from which I emphasize the atmosphere and specificity, as they are in the original work, without special effects.” 

By taking part in the TEN project, Soongyu Gwon opens a window on the world : “I admit I hesitated before entering the project, not being sure I’d have time to conciliate the making of this project with my clients’ expectations. In the end, I dived in, because I very much want to show my work beyond the borders of my country.”

Two videos, both with subtitles in 12 languages, were shot in the artist’s country. The one presenting his everyday world will is available in sneak preview on the dedicated TEN Facebook Page. The video unveiling his work techniques will be available on the D-Day, February 8th, on the YouTube TEN Collection channel and on the the TEN Collection website.

The full length video can be seen on YouTube.

On the 8th of February, log onto the Ten Collection website to receive access to his PSD, all its files and layers, and learn how each individual graphic component plays a part in creating the final image. As well as having access to the file in its entirety, you will also be able to view the ‘making of’ video and learn his secrets in an exclusive video tutorial. Facebook fans and friends of TEN Collection Season 2 will be given a further 24 hours to download the PSD for free from Saturday 9th at 10am.

You can also visit the TEN Collection Shop where you can order the artist’s work on a poster, a wall canvas or a T-shirt.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Fotolia’s TEN Collection Season 2 and download your Soongyu Gwon PSD for free for 24 hours on the 8th of February from 10am.

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