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Fotolia reveals next Ten Collection artist, Alexander Otto

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General, by Mark White
June 10, 2013

Fotolia’s 6th artist in the Ten Collection series is Alexander Otto – download a free PSD today only!

Fotolia’s TEN Collection Season 2 invites web users to take a trip around the world of digital creation with the greatest international artists from countries where the Fotolia has a base. The first 5 works of art in the season were downloaded over 130,000 times on their release day.

After Argentina, Korea, Brazil, Japan and United Kingdom, the TEN Collection now heads to Germany. Now at the halfway stage of TEN, German Art Director Alexander Otto is under the spotlights. His composition, entitled Their journey, will be available for free and for 24 hours in PSD format, on June 10th on

Alexander Otto

 For TEN, Alexander Otto puts love relationships under perspective

“I believe the TEN project is a great learning opportunity. I wish back then someone had eshared his Photoshop file with me. It would have helped me understand better how one or the other technique works. I’m a huge fan of tutorials”.

This desire to share his knowledge can be felt in every detail of « Their journey », a work that achieves extremely high levels of artistic skill.

“Their journey” is “a story about a young couple”, says the artist. “My artwork represents individual moments of their lives… Little stories that were important to them… Different places, different feelings,  and moments lost in time.” 

The art of detail, an artistic footprint

What makes Alexander Otto stand out from his pairs is most probably his attention to detail. “Generally, I would say of myself that I work very clean, mostly almost too clean and precise, and that I am never satisfied with just one thing. A colleague of mine once said that I had too many details in my work. I disagree. I believe that details can mean the difference between good work and very good work”, admits the artist.

A perfectionist, influenced by the digital culture, Alexander Otto subtly handles the art of detail to enhance the mystical and disconcerting aspect of his works. “I try to do things that are interesting or at least attention grabbing for a short time. I find themes that cause discomfort or have a disturbing effect much more interesting than images that are just slick, colourful, in your face and pure eye candy.”

From Hamburg to New York, an eclectic and innovative journeys

Born in Hamburg, 25-year-old Alexander Otto is At the an illustrator, an interactive designer, a motion designer and an art director all in one. This multi-disciplinary artist is led and inspired by innovation. “Whatever it is that makes a great artist, can be gone in the next second. Job promotions, prestige and awards give you the feeling that you are good. But you have to be careful not to be blinded by such moments. One should not get too comfortable with success, because tomorrow things could be different.”

This mattitiude has earned him work with prestigious studios such as Sehsucht, Tronic and Parasol Island, and he has had contributions published in Computer Arts, Computerlove and Advanced Photoshop. In 2008, he became a member of the very famous and select creative community The Keystone Design Union.

Now living in New-York, Alexander Otto is working for Agency R/GA as a Senior Visual Designer. His aim is to extend his skills to creating interactive movies. and short films.

  • Derek Hattersley

    This sample does not illustrate the artists ability or creative skills, if I was to take this as a typical example I would have to give 3 out of 10. It has brought to my attention potential and I will look out for more samples before committing further opinions. There is a boundary between what the image says and the words that justify its existence. The image should speak for itself if you need words to express it the image is weak, words are for literature a toally different art form all together.