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Fotolia reveals next artist in the TEN Collection Season 2

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General, by Mark White
July 9, 2013

Alexey Samsonov is the TEN Collection’s 7th digital artist, with a big PSD free for 24 hours only on 10 July

The 7th international name in the TEN Collection is Russian digital artist Alexey ‘Somistar’ Samsonov.

A full PSD of his composition ‘Island’ will be available free for 24 hours on 10th July 2013 from TenbyFotolia.

Alexey describes, “I was departing for Bali Island when Fotolia offered me the chance to participate in TEN. So it became my motivation and inspiration to draw the island where I was travelling to, as I imagined it.”

Alexey Samsonov

 About the artist

Alexey Samsonov lives and works in Moscow as a freelancer. Before becoming ‘Somistar’, his career choice was far away from an artist’s aspirations; he studied accountancy , before working as a chef, and then becoming a sys admin.

“I stumbled into design accidentally. I was an admin in a company, but was practicing photography and Photoshop. Later my hobby turned into my work. I succeeded mostly because I worked in creative studios and agencies, and also because I had made many contacts in that circle,” he explains.