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Fotolia’s next Ten artist and free PSD unleashed

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General, by Mark White
September 9, 2013

Download this stunning artwork in its layered form by artist Sergio Del Puerto, for free, on 10th September

The next pro artist in Fotolia’s Ten Collection has been unveiled.

A free PSD is available for 24 hours only on 10th September 2013 – so don’t miss out!

September’s artist is Spanish art director Sergio Del Puerto, also goes by the name Serial Cut™.

His artwork ‘Fake Drawers’ will be available at Tenbyfotolia, along with a lifestyle video insight on YouTube.

About the artist

Creating Serial Cut’s strange laboratory called for various techniques, from Photoshop photomontage to 3D work with Cinema 4D. The challenge was to harmonize the light and colours of the photographs chosen from Fotolia.

“I like it when people take time to examine an image, when then enjoy looking for details, wonder what’s real or digital, etc..”

“The most difficult thing, but also the most necessary, is to have your own visual identity, and an authentic style,” he says.

His influences come from a variety of places: his childhood, modern and classic art, architecture, movies such as Monty Python and more.