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How can you draw realistic fire?

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General, by Mark White
September 10, 2015

Learn how to make fire with this week’s Q&A!


Begin by drawing some soft, low-opacity strokes in an orange colour on a dark background. From there, create a new layer and paint lighter orange orange in bolder strokes to create a more solid shape of flames. Grab the Eraser tool (E) and use it to run out areas around the tips and edges to give more realistic shapes. Again add a new layer on top and begin to draw an even lighter shade around the centre of your flames – where the fire would burn hottest . Again, begin with hold strokes and refine with the Eraser tool.

Add a couple more layers above these, using blend modes such as Colour to add extra glowing effects around your main flames, keeping the strokes following the main curves. For extra realism, you can merge your layers and use the Liquify filter. Warp to push the tips of your flames into smooth curves.