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How to Photoshop creative text effects

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General, by Mark White
September 9, 2013

A practical tutorial on how to create great text effects using Photoshop – 3 easy steps to cool new text!

Sometimes, plain text just isn’t enough. It’s a sure fact that if your lettering looks the part, it’s guaranteed to have twice the impact.

Handily, Photoshop has got your back on this one. There are plenty of tools available to unleash on your word art, enabling you to create some killer text that’ll give any digital canvas a boost. Here we’ve kept things super simple yet super effective. With the Eraser and Brush tools applied in the right places, you can easily project a grungy, urban vibe onto your words to give their meaning some extra-cool clout. We downloaded some great free brushes from Brusheezy. Head over to to grab them and give this text a go!


Hit File>New and then fill with a dark colour using the Paint Bucket (G). Grab the Horizontal Type tool (T) and draw a box. Pick a large, bold font in a contrasting colour and type your grunge-style word. On the text layer, Cmd/Ctrl-click>Rasterize Type.











Select the Eraser (E) and head to the Brush Presets palette. Pick a textured brush like Chalk or Dry Brush. Use the [ and ] buttons on your keyboard to alter the brush size, and start gently chipping into the text’s edges to create a worn, gritty style.


For texture, grab the Brush (B) and explore more presets, or download some splatter-style bushes. Experiment with brush sizes and paint splatters both on the letters and extending behind them. As a final touch, rotate the text using Move (V).

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